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The workplace is changing. Leadership is changing. The future is collaboration.


Each TLC offers conversation not a lecture ... 

Experience not just expertise ... Application, action, impact.

Since 1998, the Transformational Leadership Collaboratory (TLC) is an intentional leadership inquiry, exploring how personal and professional transformation occurs within a cross-sector community of leaders who are committed to practicing and growing together.

Cornerstones of the TLC:  *Leadership is a way of being, not a position or title.  *When the leader transforms, the organization transforms. *Collaborative leadership is a core capacity.  *A powerful conversation can catalyze the next transformation.
These values and related skills are crucial to adapting to workplace & societal shifts occurring with demographics that are transforming rapidly. 

TLC sessions are a unique leadership learning opportunity. The diversity of perspectives represented at each event enriches the conversation and provides a unique opportunity for networking and shared learning. Expand your leadership through:

  • Learning: explore leading-edge content from our Conversation Starters, members, participants
  • Inspiration: sparked and developed in large and small group discussion through essential conversation
  • Networking: make lasting connections in a setting of trust and respect
  • Collaboration: peer-to-peer learnings Being in service to your community or organization 

What is a Collaboratory?

Our definition of a collaboratory is: a networked organization/community that aids collaboration among leaders who believe their impact can be enhanced exponentially by working interdependently with other leaders who are committed to developing the field of transformational leadership from the individual level all the way up to the global level. 

Value to Your Organization or Community

TLCs are member-based, bi-monthly full-day conversations bringing together leaders in corporate, non-profit, academic and independent organizations who are devoted to combining visionary and on the ground discourse aimed at breakthrough ideas and resultant action. Conversation Starters are speakers from fields as varied as corporate and organizational leadership, health care, innovation, and the green movement. Participants are cross-sector and intergenerational, to bring breadth and depth of perspective and ideation. The TLCs are a leadership learning forum to spark shifts in attitudes, identify best practices and applied learnings, that each leader takes back to their organization to continuously improve culture and results. 

The Community of Practice

As a Community of Practice we collaboratively define the emerging discipline of Transformational Leadership. We share stories and insights from our workplaces and community organizations with the intention of building common wisdom and transformational strategies.

Building on the highly successful structure of the Thought Leader Gatherings (since 1998)the Transformational Leaders Collaboratory (TLC) has convened over 205 sessions with 2600 leaders in corporate, non-profit, and independent organizations.

he Invitation

We invite you to consider joining us as a Member or Sponsor of this dynamic community. Click on the link below to find more information about membership:

Our Promise

We promise that you will leave each gathering rejuvenated and inspired about your leadership, as well as filled with insights for your personal journey. 

As you recall your time at the TLC, you will remember the quality of conversation and exchange you experienced.  Bringing the learnings from the session to your work and life, you will see benefits showing up in your personal relationships, organizations and communities. 



Thank you to our Members

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