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Men's Wilderness Journey 2006Men's Wilderness Journey: The Invitation: 

We invite you to join a small group of men on a guided journey of inner reflection and discovery. This is an opportunity to pause, take an intentional time out from your active life, to consider what is next. Through the interaction of intention, place, your fellow travelers and guides, you will return renewed with new perspectives, prepared for the next part of your life’s journey.

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area: 

One of America’s most pristine wildernesses, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) of northern Minnesota, is the destination for our journey together.It is a incredibly special place that will inspire you with its beauty and wildness.

“Wilderness can be appreciated only by contrast, and solitude understood only when we have been without it. We cannot separate ourselves from society, comradeship, sharing, and love. Unless we can contribute something from wilderness experience, derive some solace or peace to share with others, then the real purpose is defeated.” - Sigurd F. Olson

The Men's Wilderness Journey really begins the moment you register and culminates in this week-long trip inside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Preview calls with Craig will be scheduled throughout the months leading up to the trip so that you can get more details and answers to your questions.

The Journey:

The MWJ begins in the months prior to setting off into the BWCA - with community conference calls that prepare us for the inner journey together and the physical requirements of the trip.

Our time in the wilderness will demand untapped physical and internal resources and potential in each of us. The BWCA is the ideal setting to connect with your inner rhythm, with your life’s vision, and prepare for the journey ahead upon your return. These “inventures” have been a tradition of elder men in many cultures since antiquity. It was their way to connect with wisdom, renewal, and align the inner resources needed to lead their people on the return.

This tradition has been largely lost in our society where “time off” often lacks genuine renewal and intentionality. Our journey together in the wilderness seeks to renew the essence of our life purpose returning us to our world to make a real difference in our lives and work.

The Blog:

Our information-packed online web log will give you the trip itinerary, clothing and gear packing list along with links to BWCA lore, books of interest, wildlife and even weather and a training program.

What will we do?

Spend six days with an experienced guide to journey inward and outward in America’s largest undeveloped wilderness area. We will canoe lakes, rivers and bogs, portage overland with packs and canoes and prepare our meals together at primitive campsites.

Our inner exploration includes a solo day in addition to daily group gatherings at the campfire. We will spend time in dialogue, silence, and reflection to both deepen and challenge your personal vision and calling.  Individual coaching is available upon request. The program, route and length of time has been designed for you to experience the natural rhythm of the wilderness.

When and Where:

No trips are scheduled at this time.
We will meet on a Sunday morning in Minneapolis, MN. We will journey by van to the BWCA, six hours north and return the following Saturday to Minneapolis.

Who is the journey for:

Any man who seeks renewed personal vision to take the next step in his life and who seriously wishes to journey into the wilderness in the company of men will find this a life-enhancing adventure.  The group is limited to 9, including the guides.  No experience is necessary, only a willingness to learn and participate in new internal and external skills on the land and water.

What you will need:  

    All gear and food will be provided by an outfitter. You will only need to bring your personal apparel. A recommended packing list will be provided.

Our desired outcomes for the Journey:

Mens Wilderness Journey
•    To be renewed by the pristine beauty of the northern boreal forest of the BWCA
•    To deepen your life’s calling, vision, and purpose.
•    To gain insight and wisdom from the camaraderie of like-minded men.
•    To reconnect to your own natural rhythms through an integration with those of the wilderness.
•    To clarify the next stages of your life through solitude, reflection and dialogue
•    To learn new practices and tools to deepen your inner & outer journey
•    To learn canoe and camp craft skills allowing you to return to the BWCA in confidence.
•    To commit to specific actions you will actualize upon your return home

Your guide is an experienced life and work coach and will make himself available throughout the trip


Spring 2014:  $1995 by 12/31/13  ~  $2195 by 2/15/14  ~  $2395 thereafter 

Fall 2014:  $1995 by 04/1/14  ~  $2195 by 6/15/14  ~  $2395 thereafter

$750 deposit upon registration will hold your space and rate
Unless a payment plan is arranged, you will be billed for the balance due 30 days after registration.*

All gear and food will be provided by outfitter. You will only need to bring your personal apparel. A recommended packing list will be provided.  

*Payment plans available: 
Please contact Patricia Neal to make arrangements via email or phone: 612.920.3039.

Call or email Craig with any questions or to schedule a preview call: 612-920-3039,

Questions we ask to prepare for the journey:

What is calling me next in my life?
What are my internal tools and strengths I need to take and recognize?
What obstacles do I need to move through now?
Who are the allies, inside and outside, I have and need along the way?
What do I need to do to prepare for the next stage of my life?

We are creating time to step out of our normal lives, to connect with our inner rhythms , to listen inwardly and respond to how vision calls us forth for the next step in our lives with commitment and presence.

Preview Calls with Craig Neal

no calls are scheduled at this time

*In these live, 30-min preview calls, Craig will give more details, tell stories of past Men's Wilderness Journeys and answer your specific questions about the MWJs. It is a great way to learn more about the journey that could transform your life.



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